Meet Jamie

Hi! I am so thankful + honored that you’ve chosen to follow me on this art journey. Everything I create stems out of my own story of discovering my value and identity. As an Enneagram 1 (The Perfectionist), I struggled with never feeling good enough, or doing enough to please the people around me. It wasn’t until I fully grasped the grace of God that I was able to live a free, joyful life, and share that encouragement with others. I hope that through my art, I can remind you of how valued you are!

Key pieces of who I am: An image-bearer of Christ, wife to the most wonderful husband Andre, second generation Chinese-American with Taiwanese influences, 7th grade math teacher by day, artist, designer, and creative.

know value, bestow value

Designs with Jamie exists to serve individuals and communities in two ways:

Know Value. All of us have been created inherently valuable, but we often forget this important truth. Designs with Jamie seeks to remind young women of their true identities and unique strengths. Every message displayed and communicated through artwork portrays the beauty of life with positivity and encouragement. I believe that every person plays a foundational role in reminding themselves of their value and I hope that my artwork helps reveal that truth to you daily.

Bestow Value. When you are confident of your value and certain that you have something to offer, you become a vessel of bestowing value upon others. From the place of knowing your true worth and identity, you can then bestow encouragement and value on others. Through art, I hope to create a venue for you to share the words, experiences, and stories that have been a part of your journey in order to strengthen others.